Vial Announces $67M Series B Led by General Catalyst
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Vial ePRO

A consumer-grade, mobile patient experience that is compliant and customizable for patients in your trial.


Research Sites




Enrolled Patients

Quality Patient Experience Delivered

The Vial ePRO offers a seamless, user-friendly interface accessible by mobile or desktop. Interactive functions, built-in data validation, and skip logic provide quick and intuitive compliant data capture.

Direct Data Integration with Vial EDC


A connected data flow between Vial ePRO and Vial EDC enables effortless, accurate, and real-time data recording & storage.


Support for all Trials

Over 65 languages supported - built for international scale. Customizable to complex trial specifications.

Vial Technology Platform

Powerful data capture and review in one connected system. High-quality data delivered.


Finally! Paper is out, digital is in.


Speed and efficiency that sponsors love.

Electronic patient-reported outcome is an electronic system that allows patients to directly report the status of their health condition. ePRO systems can be accessed through computers or mobile devices and may be in the form of electronic diaries or questionnaires.

a. Simple patient access via mobile or desktop

b. Patient reminder notifications

c. Digital study-related activities (eDiary, questionnaires, etc.) for effortless patient data input

d. Direct data integration with Vial EDC

  • Customizability for ease of use and access.
  • Improved reporting as patients and caregivers are able to report as an event is occurring.
  • Real-time monitoring of patients.
  • Greater compliance compared to traditional methods to capture patient-reported outcomes.

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