Vial Electronic Data Capture

Modern and intuitive EDC that sites love. Speed and efficiency that sponsors love. We worked closely with CRCs to build a modern, intuitive, and hyper-responsive EDC.

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edc protocol

Integrated Builds and Protocol Amendment Management

Vial builds protocols in under a week. Lightning fast builds with a 5-step QA process to ensure highest quality protocols.


Integrated end-to-end with powerful Data Security

edc query

Supports Monitors and Data Management teams to review incoming visits. The system ensures high-quality clinical data with rigorous query workflows and automated data validation.

edc query

Extensive Integrations

Have a unique technology stack for clinical operations?

Our platform has direct API integrations with leading CTMS platforms (Veeva CTMS, Medrio, Medidata, Castor), EDCs (Veeva, IBM Merge, Oracle, Medrio, Medidata), RTSMs (4G Clinical, YPrime, Suvoda) and EMRs (Epic, Cerner, etc.).


Research Sites




Enrolled Patients

Support for all Trials

Over 65 languages supported - built for international scale. Customizable to complex trial specifications.

Vial Technology Platform

5 Powerful Technology Solutions. One Connected System.


Finally, paper is out, digital is in.


Seamless file management.


Customizable for patients in your trial.


Level up your trial trial operation.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is an electronic system used to record and maintain subject data in clinical trials. EDCs often contain electronic case report forms (eCRF). Common features of EDC systems include a data entry system, validation process, and reporting tools for data analysis.

a. Clinical Data Cleaning

b. Remote Verification

c. EMR integrations

d. Customized reporting

  • Increased efficiency and quick access to data.
  • Automated audit trails.
  • Data security.
  • Ensures data quality by standardizing input.
  • Integration with other software and ability to transfer data quickly and reliably.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

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