Scientific Name: Lysine
Brand Name: Aminosyn II 7 %, Sulfite-free, Aminosyn-PF 7%, Clinimix 2.75/5, Clinimix E 2.75/5, Clinisol 15, Freamine 6.9, Freamine III 10, Hepatamine 8, Nephramine, Olimel, Periolimel, Plenamine, Premasol, Primene, Procalamine 3, Prosol, Travasol 10, Trophamine 10 %
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Mechanism Of Action Proteins of the herpes simplex virus are rich in L-arginine, and tissue culture studies indicate an enhancing effect on viral replication when the amino acid ratio of L-arginine to lysine is high in the tissue culture media. When the ratio of L-lysine to L-arginine is high, viral replication and the cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus have been found to be inhibited. L-lysine may facilitate the absorption of calcium from the small intestine.
Description of the Drug: Lysine is an amino acid commonly found as a component of total parenteral nutrition.
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