Gamolenic acid

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Scientific Name: Gamolenic acid
Brand Name: Not Available
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Mechanism Of Action Once gamolenic acid (GLA) is absorbed and converted to dihomo-gamolenic acid (DGLA) , circulating DGLA fatty acids are converted to several lipid mediators with predominantly anti-inflammatory properties, such as prostaglandin-E1 (PGE1) and 15-HETrE. The anti-inflammatory effects of DGLA are attributed to both the anti-inflammatory properties of DGLA-derived metabolites and the ability of DGLA and its products to compete with arachidonic acid (AA) in the synthesis of pro-inflammatory potent eicosanoid products, such as prostaglandins, thromboxane and leukotrienes
Description of the Drug: Gamolenic acid is an ingredient found in a variety of nutritional products.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
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