Scientific Name: Etoposide
Brand Name: Etopophos, Toposar, Vepesid
Company Owner: Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Bristol myers squibb co, Accord healthcare inc usa, App pharmaceuticals llc, Bedford laboratories div ben venue laboratories inc, Hospira inc, Marsam pharmaceuticals llc, Pharmachemie bv, Pierre fabre medicament, Teva parenteral medicines inc, Watson laboratories inc
Mechanism Of Action Etoposide inhibits DNA topoisomerase II, thereby inhibiting DNA re-ligation. This causes critical errors in DNA synthesis at the premitotic stage of cell division and can lead to apoptosis of the cancer cell. Etoposide is cell cycle dependent and phase specific, affecting mainly the S and G2 phases of cell division. Inhibition of the topoisomerase II alpha isoform results in the anti-tumour activity of etoposide. The drug is also capable of inhibiting the beta isoform but inhibition of this target is not associated with the anti-tumour activity. It is instead associated with the carcinogenic effect.
Description of the Drug: Etoposide is a podophyllotoxin derivative used to treat testicular and small cell lung tumors.
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