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Scientific Name: Dorzolamide
Brand Name: Cosopt, Trusopt
Company Owner: Alcon inc, Apotex inc, Bausch and lomb inc, Hi tech pharmacal co inc, Pharmaforce inc, Sandoz canada inc, Teva pharmaceuticals usa, Merck research laboratories div merck co inc
Mechanism Of Action Elevated intraocular pressure is a characteristic manifestation of ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. The level of intraocular pressure (IOP) is governed by the balance between the production of aqueous humour (by ocular ciliary processes) and its outflow from the anterior segment of the eye via trabecular (conventional) or uveoscleral (unconventional) pathways. When there is an increase in the resistance to the trabecular outflow of aqueous humour, the intraocular pressure is elevated. Subsequently, optic nerve damage can occur from blood flow restrictions and mechanical distortion of ocular structures. Optic nerve damage can further result in optic disc cupping and progressive visual field loss (and blindness in some cases) .
Description of the Drug: Dorzolamide is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor used to treat high intraocular pressure in ocular hypertension and open angle glaucoma.
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