IRT (Interactive Response technology)

Interactive response technology (IRT) is a system that provides automated modalities for the management of trial subjects and inventory supplies. IRTs allow subjects to respond to pre-programmed questionnaires and receive randomization assignments, minimizing risk for introducing bias

In terms of supply chain management, by setting parameters such as shipping sizes, site storage limitations, and optimal drug package size, IRTs can reduce waste, ensure site stock, and manage study drug dispensing.


IRTs used in clinical trials may include:

  • Interactive Web Response System (IWRS)- website interfacing for the end-user.
  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) – telephone interfacing for the end-user.


While IVR Systems were used more frequently in the past, the popularity of IWR systems has increased in recent years with the increased availability of internet access. However, the use of IVR systems can be helpful in situations where randomization is time-sensitive or in populations where access to internet connectivity is limited.

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