Benefits of Healthy CRO-Site Relationships

cro benefits
cro benefits

While a healthy relationship between a trial sponsor and the Contract Research Organization (CRO) is crucial to the success of a trial, it is also essential that the CRO and the sites maintain positive interactions. Developing valued, long-standing relationships with PIs and site staff provides a more beneficial experience for all stakeholders.  This is particularly true when it comes to dermatology CROs, as this niche industry is very close-knit.

 Three of the most notable advantages of healthy CRO-site relationships include:

1.  Responsiveness

If site personnel have a positive working relationship with the CRO, they will be more apt to respond quickly when vital documents are requested. They will not only complete these documents in a timely manner, but they will also ensure that they are uploaded to TMF in a timely manner in order to meet crucial timelines.  Open and frequent communication between the CRO and the sites provides the information and rationale of why the CRO may request urgent feedback, this is particularly true during crunch time for data base lock. Query turnaround time plays such an important role in meeting sponsor requirements and timelines.  When sites have a full understanding of expectations early the result is play a big part in meeting and exceeding timelines. 

2.  Better Data Quality

The quality of the data can only improve with open and frequent communication between site personnel and the CRO.

If CRAs or Data Managers begin to notice any trends during monitoring visits or EDC entry review, these potential issues can be identified and promptly addressed with the site. The faster these concerns are addressed, the faster the quality data can be analyzed. 

Ultimately, meeting timelines and providing sponsors with quality data are essential to maintaining a positive reputation within the clinical research industry.

3.  Increased Referrals

Finally, fostering positive relationships between CROs and site personnel can help increase the CROs ability to obtain sponsor referrals. It is not uncommon for sponsors to ask the PIs and site staff about their past experiences with different CROs and who the site would recommend.  From the CRO Project Manager to the Data Manager, to the CRAs, to the Project Associates, The CRO Project Team is constantly requesting documentation, information, signatures and clarifications from the sites.  Knowing the proper approach of how and when to ask the sites for outstanding items is critical.  As with developing any relationship, whether it is personal or professional, respect and understanding go a long way!

The Vial Benefit

At Vial, since the site staff and CRO team are all Vial employees, the open and frequent communication is easy to maintain. The site personnel are extremely comfortable connecting with the CRO team when they have questions or need assistance. Team meetings are easy to schedule and any issues and lesson learned can be shared across site personnel quickly.  Our unique approach creates a sense of “oneness,” as everyone understands they are working towards the same goal; successful clinical trials.

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About Vial:

Vial’s mission is to run clinical trials with faster execution and higher quality in order to bring new therapies to market. Vial has over 70 employees and is based in San Francisco, California. Vial partners with Dermatologists to support their research teams and has created a network of over 35 Dermatology clinics. The Vial network has contributed to over 150 trials for many of the leading sponsors in Dermatology having run trials across common Medical Dermatology indications (Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata, Rosacea, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Prurigo Nodularis among others) as well as Aesthetic Dermatology indications. The clinic network runs trials from Phase I through Phase IV.

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