5 Questions with Vial’s Newest Clinical Research Project Manager, Sydney Cobb

Sydney Cobb joins Vial as new clinical research project manager.
Sydney Cobb joins Vial as new clinical research project manager.

Sydney Cobb, Vial’s new Clinical Research Project Manager, discusses her background and what brought her to the Vial team. Sydney joined the Vial team in August 2022. To learn more about opportunities at Vial, visit our careers page and follow us on LinkedIn.

Tell us about your background.

I’ve spent the last few years at PEGUS Research, Inc., a small CRO specializing in Phase IV Rx-to-OTC switch trials. While there, I managed clinical trials, monitored, and assisted in document development.

In your past few roles, you’ve seen the challenges of drug development and discovery upfront; where do you see room for technology-enabled infrastructure to support startup biotechs?

I’d love to see a platform that evolves to fit the needs of its users on a trial-by-trial basis. Document collection and storage, communication, patient recruiting, and data collection vary per study depending on the therapeutic area and indication. Each study’s unique needs could be met via customization through technology.

What advice do you have for the founding teams of startup biotechs that are new to clinical development?

My advice would be to focus on one thing and become an expert in it. Don’t try to be great at everything all at once. Discover your strength and play to it.

What led you to join Vial?

I admire Vial’s ambition to create a technology platform that pinpoints challenges within the industry, streamlines processes, and creates a greater experience for sponsors, sites, and patients. Vial has an enthusiastic team, and I am proud to be a part of their vision for reimagining clinical trials.

What are you most excited about over the next year at Vial?

We have a rapidly growing team creating next-generation products that can make a difference in the clinical trial industry. I’m excited to see how my contributions shape the company and the landscape of clinical trials for the better.

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