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Create and filter lists of potential patients based on your EHR data as well as past research participants. VialConnect offers powerful tools for identifying patients based on study criteria and a patient’s medical data.

One stop shop
for study management

Manage all your studies, patients, visits, and procedures in one place. Automated visit windows and scheduling help reduce deviations while procedure-level tracking ensures you capture every dollar from sponsors and CROs.


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and reports on enrollment and finances


Get access to insights that make it easier to track your site as well as update sponsors and CROs on enrollment progress.

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Through a combination of better study tracking as well as database and patient filtering, VialConnect sites see faster enrollment and easier collaboration across site staff. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

VialConnect is a clinical trial management system that helps clinical research sites find and track patients, manage study finances, and more. VialConnect can save research teams time and streamline study recruiting.

You get a set of software tools that make running research studies at your site easier and faster, along with automated reports and tracking that to ensure you meet your enrollment goals as well as collect every dollar owed for each procedure. You also get support from Vial’s Customer Success and Engineering teams to assist with onboarding, budget builds, training, and more.

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Yes: we have robust data management and standard operating procedures in place to ensure your data remains secure.