Cancer Vaccines

What are Cancer Vaccines?   Cancer Vaccines are a cancer-fighting technology that triggers and enhances the immune system against specific cancer cells.

How do Cancer Vaccines Work?

Preventative Cancer Vaccines: There are currently two preventative cancer vaccines approved for use. These vaccines target the oncoviruses, HPV and HBV, subsequently decreasing the risk of cervical cancer and liver cancer.

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines stimulate the innate and humoral immune systems to respond to the target antigens, which may be the whole cancer cells, proteins found on the cells, or their genetic material. Using cancer vaccines to treat cancer brings the potential for personalized treatment and a combination of benefits that may not be possible through traditional pharmacotherapy alone:

  • Inducing tumor regression.
  • Destroying any residual tumor cells.
  • Establishing long-lasting antitumor memory to prevent future recurrence.
  • Decreasing the risk for systemic adverse effects.

Source: Fu, M. et al. (2022). Cancer vaccines as promising immuno-therapeutics: platforms and current progress. Journal of Hematology &Amp; Oncology, 15(1).