Vial will be at the 2nd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit

February 21-23, 2023 | Boston, MA

Vial is excited to attend the 2nd Next-Generation Conjugates Summit in Boston. The summit is a platform dedicated to showcasing out-of-the-box technologies and approaches to design conjugates with novel modes of action. Uniting 120+ thought leaders who are harnessing payloads including oligonucleotides, immune agonists, protein degraders and more, as well as novel formats including bispecifics, antibody fragments, targeted nanoparticles and bicycles; this summit is a great opportunity to be part of exclusive discussions on expanding the application of conjugate drugs and widening their therapeutic index to progress next-generation conjugate from bench to bedside.

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Attending team members:

Joshua Ondatje
Josh Ondatje
VP, Clinical Operations

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