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Paper-based reporting is out. Vial eSource replaces paper, driving clinical trials into modern practices — radically streamlining trial workflows. Intuitive, direct data input unlocks real-time data entry, heightened data compliance, and centralized remote monitoring.

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Intelligent data capture reduces protocol deviations for sites


Vial eSource technology assures data quality through an intelligent, real-time data capture system. eSource data fields are built on CDISC standards using SDTM-controlled terminology for quality on-entry.

User-centric UX/UI design breeds compliance on-entry


Vial’s intuitive source builds were designed to make entering data effortless while maintaining compliance. Vial’s eSource interface is powered by standardized data types, data validation and range rules on-entry, required fields, skip-logic, tooltips, and more.


Direct Data Capture into Vial EDC


Vial eSource directly integrates with Vial EDC, eliminating double data entry, heightening data compliance and quality, and unlocking centralized remote monitoring.

Extensive Integrations

Whatever your clinical technology stack, Vial’s eSource works!

Our platform has direct API integrations with leading CTMS platforms (Veeva CTMS, Medrio, Medidata, Castor), EDCs (Veeva, IBM Merge, Oracle, Medrio, Medidata), RTSMs (4G Clinical, YPrime, Suvoda) and EMRs (Epic, Cerner, etc).


Research Sites




Enrolled Patients

Fast, Quality-Driven Build Process

The Vial Technology Platform can run global trials across multiple therapeutic areas efficiently at scale. Our highly-customizable source creation with multi-language support, coupled with lightning-fast build times, delivers best-in-class clinical trial results for sponsors.

Vial Technology Platform

Powerful data capture and review in one connected system. High-quality data delivered.


Speed and efficiency that sponsors love.


Customizable for patients in your trial.

eSource is a digital system that allows for initial data capture in an electronic source. This can be in the form of electronic consent forms, electronic patient diaries, electronic case report forms (eCRF), and clinical outcomes.

a. Tablet, mobile, or desktop data entry

b. Direct data capture to EDC

c. Data conformance and structuring on-entry

d. Data accuracy checks to reduce protocol deviations

The use of eSource has brought several benefits to the clinical trial process, including:

  • Increased efficiency as duplicate forms do not need to be filled, paper forms do not have to be scanned, and the forms can be monitored remotely through integration with other software.
  • Decreased risk of transcription errors.
  • Increased reliability, quality, integrity, and completeness of data.
  • Allowing near real-time monitoring for adverse events, risks to patients, and potential errors in data.
  • Increased possibility to run clinical trials on a global scale.
  • Safer and more efficient retention of records.

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