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Scientific Name: Venetoclax
Brand Name: Venclexta
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action Proteins in the B cell CLL/lymphoma 2 (BCL-2) family are necessary regulators of the apoptotic (anti-cell programmed death) process. This family comprises proapoptotic and prosurvival proteins for various cells. Cancer cells evade apoptosis by inhibiting programmed cell death (apoptosis) . The therapeutic potential of directly inhibiting prosurvival proteins was unveiled with the development of navitoclax, a selective inhibitor of both BCL-2 and BCL-2-like 1 (BCL-X(L) ) , which has demonstrated clinical efficacy in some BCL-2-dependent hematological cancers
Description of the Drug: Venetoclax is a BCL-2 inhibitor used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic lymphoma, or acute myeloid leukemia.
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