Ursodeoxycholic acid

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Scientific Name: Ursodeoxycholic acid
Brand Name: Reltone, Urso, Urso Forte
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action Ursodeoxycholic acid reduces elevated liver enzyme levels by facilitating bile flow through the liver and protecting liver cells. The main mechanism if anticholelithic. Although the exact process of ursodiol’s anticholelithic action is not completely understood, it is thought that the drug is concentrated in bile and decreases biliary cholesterol by suppressing hepatic synthesis and secretion of cholesterol and by inhibiting its intestinal absorption. The reduced cholesterol saturation permits the gradual solubilization of cholesterol from gallstones, resulting in their eventual dissolution.
Description of the Drug: Ursodeoxycholic acid is a bile acid used for the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) , dissolution of radiolucent gallstones in patients with a functioning gallbladder, and treatment of hepatobiliary disorders associated with cystic fibrosis in pediatric patients.
Protein Data Bank:
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