Scientific Name: Tretinoin
Brand Name: Altreno, Atralin, Avita, Biacna, Refissa, Renova, Retin-A, Stieva-A, Tri-luma, Twyneo, Veltin, Vesanoid, Ziana
Company Owner: Hoffmann la roche inc, Genpharm inc, Barr laboratories inc, Ranbaxy pharmaceuticals inc, Ranbaxy laboratories ltd, Mylan bertek pharmaceuticals inc, Ortho dermatologics, Johnson and johnson consumer companies inc, Spear pharmaceuticals inc, Triax pharmaceuticals llc, Dow pharmaceutical sciences inc, Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Teva pharmaceuticals usa, Wockhardt eu operations (swiss) ag, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Mechanism Of Action Tretinoin binds to alpha, beta, and gamma retinoic acid receptors (RARs) . RAR-alpha and RAR-beta have been associated with the development of acute promyelocytic leukemia and squamous cell cancers, respectively. RAR-gamma is associated with retinoid effects on mucocutaneous tissues and bone. Although the exact mechanism of action of tretinoin is unknown, current evidence suggests that the effectiveness of tretinoin in acne is due primarily to its ability to modify abnormal follicular keratinization. Comedones form in follicles with an excess of keratinized epithelial cells. Tretinoin promotes detachment of cornified cells and the enhanced shedding of corneocytes from the follicle. By increasing the mitotic activity of follicular epithelia, tretinoin also increases the turnover rate of thin, loosely-adherent corneocytes. Through these actions, the comedo contents are extruded and the formation of the microcomedo, the precursor lesion of acne vulgaris, is reduced. Tretinoin is not a cytolytic agent but instead induces cytodifferentiation and decreased proliferation of APL cells in culture and in vivo. When Tretinoin is given systemically to APL patients, tretinoin treatment produces an initial maturation of the primitive promyelocytes derived from the leukemic clone, followed by a repopulation of the bone marrow and peripheral blood by normal, polyclonal hematopoietic cells in patients achieving complete remission (CR) . The exact mechanism of action of tretinoin in APL is unknown.
Description of the Drug: Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative used to treat acne vulgaris, certain types of promyelocytic leukemia, and fine wrinkles.
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