Scientific Name: Thiamine
Brand Name: Alertonic, Concept Ob, Fortaplex, Infuvite, Infuvite Pediatric, Irospan 24/6 Kit, Mvc-fluoride, Mvi Pediatric, Natafort, Neo-bex, Pregvit, Tandem Plus, Vitafol-one
Company Owner: Eli lilly and co, Abraxis pharmaceutical products, Akorn inc, App pharmaceuticals llc, Baxter healthcare corp anesthesia and critical care, Bel mar laboratories inc, Dell laboratories inc, Hospira inc, Luitpold pharmaceuticals inc, Parke davis div warner lambert co, Watson laboratories inc, Wyeth ayerst laboratories
Mechanism Of Action It is thought that the mechanism of action of thiamine on endothelial cells is related to a reduction in intracellular protein glycation by redirecting the glycolytic flux. Thiamine is mainly the transport form of the vitamin, while the active forms are phosphorylated thiamine derivatives. Natural derivatives of thiamine phosphate, such as thiamine monophosphate (ThMP) , thiamine diphosphate (ThDP) , also sometimes called thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) , thiamine triphosphate (ThTP) , and thiamine triphosphate (AThTP) , that act as coenzymes in addition to their each unique biological functions.
Description of the Drug: Thiamine is a vitamin used to correct vitamin B1 deficiency.
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