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Scientific Name: Maprotiline
Brand Name: Not Available
Company Owner: Novartis pharmaceuticals corp, American therapeutics inc, Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Watson laboratories inc
Mechanism Of Action Maprotiline exerts its antidepressant action by inhibition of presynaptic uptake of catecholamines, thereby increasing their concentration at the synaptic clefts of the brain. In single doses, the effect of maprotiline on the EEG revealed a rise in the alpha-wave density, a reduction of the alpha-wave frequency and an increase in the alpha-wave amplitude. However, as with other tricyclic antidepressants, maprotiline lowers the convulsive threshold. Maprotiline acts as an antagonist at central presynaptic α
Description of the Drug: Maprotiline is a tetracyclic antidepressant used to treat depressive illness, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and anxiety associated with depression.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
Source: DrugBank Online – Retrieved 2023-01-23 from