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Scientific Name: Liothyronine
Brand Name: Cytomel, Np Thyroid, Triostat
Company Owner: X gen pharmaceuticals inc, Jhp pharmaceuticals llc, King pharmaceuticals inc, Coastal pharmaceuticals inc, Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Watson laboratories inc
Mechanism Of Action Liothyronine replaces endogenous thyroid hormone and then exerts its physiologic effects by controlling DNA transcription and protein synthesis. This effect on DNA is obtained by the binding of liothyronine to the thyroid receptors attached to DNA. Exogenous liothyronine exerts all the normal effects of the endogenous thyroid T3 hormone. Hence, it increases energy expenditure, accelerates the rate of cellular oxidation stimulating growth, maturation, and metabolism of the body tissues, aids in myelination of nerves and development of synaptic processes in the nervous system and enhances carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
Description of the Drug: Liothyronine is a thyroid hormone replacement therapy used to treat hypothyroidism, to suppress TSH, and to help in the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.
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