Ganirelix Acetate

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Molecule Structure

Scientific Name

Ganirelix Acetate

Description of the Drug

Ganirelix is a GnRH antagonist used in assisted reproduction in women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation to control ovulation by inhibiting the premature LH surges.

Source: DrugBank Online – Retrieved 2023-03-10 from

Brand Name(s)

Ganirelix acetate, Ganirelix Acetate Injection, Orgalutran

Company Owner(s)

Hong Kong King Friend Industrial Co Ltd, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc, Organon Usa Inc

Mechanism(s) Of Action

Target Name Target Type Action Type Target ChEMBL ID
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor SINGLE PROTEIN ANTAGONIST CHEMBL1855

Unichem Links

SureChEMBL SCHEMBL19712192
DrugBank DB06785
PubChem: Thomson Pharma 14793014
PubChem 16130957
Nikkaji J419.572H
BindingDB 50102454
DrugCentral 1279
ChemicalBook CB61370494 CB62130570 CB9775895
ChEBI 135910