Gallium citrate Ga-67

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Scientific Name: Gallium citrate Ga-67
Brand Name: Gallium
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Mechanism Of Action Gallium Citrate Ga 67, with no carrier added, has been found to concentrate in certain viable primary and metastatic tumors as well as focal sites of infection. The body generally handles Ga3+ as though it were ferric iron (Fe-III) , and thus the free isotope ion is bound (and concentrates) in areas of inflammation, such as an infection site, and also areas of rapid cell division. Ga-67 binds to transferrin, leukocyte lactoferrin, bacterial siderophores, inflammatory proteins, and cell-membranes in neutrophils, both living and dead. Lactoferrin is contained within leukocytes. Ga-67 may bind to lactoferrin and be transported to sites of inflammation, or binds to lactoferrin released during bacterial phagocytosis at infection sites (and remains due to binding with macrophage receptors) . Ga-67 also attaches to the siderophore molecules of bacteria themselves, and for this reason can be used in leukopenic patients with bacterial infection (here it attaches directly to bacterial proteins, and leukocytes are not needed) . Uptake is thought to be associated with a range of tumour properties including transferring receptors, anaerobic tumor metabolism and tumor perfusion and vascular permeability.
Description of the Drug: Gallium citrate Ga-67 is a radiopharmaceutical agent used in the detection of the presence and extent of Hodgkin’s disease, lymphoma, and bronchogenic carcinoma, as well as some acute inflammatory lesions.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
Source: DrugBank Online – Retrieved 2023-01-23 from