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Scientific Name: Flurazepam
Brand Name: Dalmane
Company Owner: Valeant pharmaceuticals international, Halsey drug co inc, Mutual pharmaceutical co inc, Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Par pharmaceutical inc, Purepac pharmaceutical co, Sandoz inc, Superpharm corp, Usl pharma inc, Warner chilcott inc, Warner chilcott div warner lambert co, Watson laboratories inc, West ward pharmaceutical corp
Mechanism Of Action Flurazepam binds to an allosteric site on GABA-A receptors. Binding potentiates the action of GABA on GABA-A receptors by opening the chloride channel within the receptor, causing chloride influx and hyperpolarization.
Description of the Drug: Flurazepam is a long-acting benzodiazepine with a rapid onset of action that is commonly used to treat insomnia.
Protein Data Bank:
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