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Scientific Name: Floxuridine
Brand Name: Not Available
Company Owner: App pharmaceuticals llc, Bedford laboratories div ben venue laboratories inc, Hospira inc
Mechanism Of Action Floxuridine rapidly undergoes catabolism to form 5-fluorouracil, which is the active component of the drug. 5-Fluorouracil primarily works by interfering with DNA synthesis; however, it may also inhibit the formation of fraudulent RNA via physical incorporation into the RNA. It is also an inhibitor of riboside phophorylase, preventing the utilization of pre-formed uracil in RNA synthesis. Floxuridine can also form 5-fluoro-2′-deoxyuridine-5′-phosphate (FUDR-MP) , which is the monophosphate of floxuridine that inhibits thymidylate synthetase that plays a role in the methylation of deoxyuridylic acid to thymidylic acid during DNA synthesis. FUDR-MP thus interferes with DNA synthesis.
Description of the Drug: Floxuridine is an antimetabolite used as palliative management for liver metastases of gastrointestinal malignancy.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
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