Scientific Name: Etodolac
Brand Name: Lodine
Company Owner: Aaipharma llc, Apotex inc, Endo pharmaceuticals inc, Genpharm inc, Ivax pharmaceuticals inc sub teva pharmaceuticals usa, Mylan pharmaceuticals inc, Sandoz inc, Taro pharmaceutical industries ltd, Teva pharmaceuticals usa inc, Watson laboratories inc, Wyeth pharmaceuticals inc, Point holdings inc, Watson laboratories inc florida, Actavis elizabeth llc, Apotex inc etobicoke site, Mylan laboratories inc, Ranbaxy laboratories ltd
Mechanism Of Action Similar to other NSAIDs, the anti-inflammatory effects of etodolac result from inhibition of the enzyme cycooxygenase (COX) . This decreases the synthesis of peripheral prostaglandins involved in mediating inflammation. Etodolac binds to the upper portion of the COX enzyme active site and prevents its substrate, arachidonic acid, from entering the active site. Etodolac was previously thought to be a non-selective COX inhibitor, but it is now known to be 5 – 50 times more selective for COX-2 than COX-1. Antipyresis may occur by central action on the hypothalamus, resulting in peripheral dilation, increased cutaneous blood flow, and subsequent heat loss.
Description of the Drug: Etodolac is an NSAID used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as acute pain.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
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