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Description of the Drug

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Brand Name(s)

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Company Owner(s)

Lederle Laboratories Div American Cyanamid Co, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Inc, Sandoz Inc, Bristol Myers Squibb Co Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Watson Laboratories Inc, Kv Pharmaceutical Co, Vangard Laboratories Inc Div Midway Medical Co, Ivax Pharmaceuticals Inc, Superpharm Corp, Mutual Pharmaceutical Co Inc

Mechanism(s) Of Action

Target Name Target Type Action Type Target ChEMBL ID
Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) receptor SINGLE PROTEIN AGONIST CHEMBL214
Serotonin 1b (5-HT1b) receptor SINGLE PROTEIN AGONIST CHEMBL1898
Dopamine receptor PROTEIN FAMILY AGONIST CHEMBL2096905
Adrenergic receptor alpha PROTEIN FAMILY ANTAGONIST CHEMBL2095203

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PubChem 90661668