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Scientific Name: Doconexent
Brand Name: Animi-3 With Vitamin D, Citranatal Harmony
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action DHA and its conversion to other lipid signalling moleccules compete with the arachidonic acid cascade from endogenous phospholipids and shift the inflammatory state to being more anti-inflammatory. DHA inhibits endotoxin-stimulated production of IL-6 and IL-8 in human endothelial cells. Derivatives of DHA are anti-inflammatory lipid mediators. Lipid mediators resolvin D1 and protectin D1 all inhibit transendothelial migration of neutrophils, so preventing neutrophilic infiltration at sites of inflammation, resolvin D1 inhibits IL-1β production, and protectin D1 inhibits TNF and IL-1β production
Description of the Drug: Doconexent is an omega 3 fatty acid used in a variety of nutritional supplements to support central nervous system and cardiovascular health.
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