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Molecule Structure

Scientific Name


Description of the Drug

Difelikefalin is a kappa opioid receptor agonist used in the treatment of pruritus associated with chronic kidney disease in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Source: DrugBank Online – DrugBank.com. Retrieved 2023-03-10 from

Brand Name(s)


Company Owner(s)

Cara Therapeutics Inc

Mechanism(s) Of Action

Target Name Target Type Action Type Target ChEMBL ID
Kappa opioid receptor SINGLE PROTEIN AGONIST CHEMBL237

Unichem Links

SureChEMBL SCHEMBL10316464
Human Metabolome Database HMDB0304836
DrugBank DB11938
PubChem: Thomson Pharma 49738202
PubChem 24794466
BindingDB 235785
ChemicalBook CB73159889
Guide to Pharmacology 9044