Deoxycholic acid

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Scientific Name: Deoxycholic acid
Brand Name: Belkyra, Kybella
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action As a bile acid, deoxycholic acid emulsifies fat in the gut. Synthetically derived deoxycholic acid, when injected, stimulates a targeted breakdown of adipose cells by disrupting the cell membrane and causing adipocytolysis. This results in an inflammatory reaction and clearing of the adipose tissue remnants by macrophages. Deoxycholic acid’s actions are reduced by albumin and tissue-associated proteins, therefore its effect is limited to protein-poor subcutaneous fat tissue. Protein-rich tissues like muscle and skin are unaffected by deoxycholic acid, contributing to its safety profile.
Description of the Drug: Deoxycholic acid is a cytolytic agent injected subcutaneously to improve the appearance submental fat.
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