Scientific Name: D-glucose
Brand Name: As 3, Cpda-1 Blood Collection System, Dextrose and Electrolyte No. 75, Dianeal Low Calcium 1.5, Dianeal Pd-2/1.5, Ionosol-MB, Isolyte P, Leukotrap, Normosol-M, Plasma-lyte 148 In 5 % Dextrose, Prismasol
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Mechanism Of Action Glucose supplies most of the energy to all tissues by generating energy molecules ATP and NADH during a series of metabolism reactions called glycolysis. Glycolysis can be divided into two main phases where the preparatory phase is initiated by the phosphorylation of glucose by hexokinase to form glucose 6-phosphate.
Description of the Drug: D-glucose is a most commonly occurring isomer of glucose used as a carbohydrate supplementation in case of nutrient deprivation and metabolic disorders, such as hypoglycemia.
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