Cromoglicic acid

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Scientific Name: Cromoglicic acid
Brand Name: Gastrocrom, Nalcrom, Nasalcrom
Company Owner: King pharmaceuticals inc, Sanofi aventis us llc, Ucb inc, Genera pharmaceuticals llc, Azur pharma international ltd, Bausch and lomb pharmaceuticals inc, Akorn inc, Alcon laboratories inc, Novex pharma, Allergan inc, Actavis mid atlantic llc, Dey lp, Pharmascience inc, Roxane laboratories inc, Teva parenteral medicines inc, Watson laboratories inc, Wockhardt eu operations (swiss) ag, L perrigo co, Qpharma llc, Blacksmith brands inc
Mechanism Of Action Cromoglicate inhibits degranulation of mast cells, subsequently preventing the release of histamine and slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A) , mediators of type I allergic reactions. Cromoglicate also may reduce the release of inflammatory leukotrienes. Cromoglicate may act by inhibiting calcium influx.
Description of the Drug: Cromoglicic acid is a medication used to treat asthma, allergic reactions of the eyes and nose, as well as other mast cell reactions.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
Source: DrugBank Online – Retrieved 2023-01-23 from