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Scientific Name: Calcitriol
Brand Name: Rocaltrol, Vectical
Company Owner: Roxane laboratories inc, Teva pharmaceuticals usa inc, Validus pharmaceuticals llc, Abbott laboratories hosp products div, Akorn inc, App pharmaceuticals llc, Fresenius medical care north america, Genix therapeutics inc, Hospira inc, Luitpold pharmaceuticals inc, Lyne laboratories inc, Teva parenteral medicines inc, Galderma laboratories lp
Mechanism Of Action The mechanism of action of calcitriol in the treatment of psoriasis is accounted for by their antiproliferative activity for keratinocytes and their stimulation of epidermal cell differentiation. The anticarcinogenic activity of the active form of Calcitriol appears to be correlated with cellular vitamin D receptor (VDR) levels. Vitamin D receptors belong to the superfamily of steroid-hormone zinc-finger receptors. VDRs selectively bind 1, 25-(OH)
Description of the Drug: Calcitriol is an active metabolite of vitamin D that is used to treat hyperparathyroidism and is also used in dialysis patients to combat hypocalcemia.
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