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Scientific Name: Benzalkonium
Brand Name: BZK Pads, Band-aid Hurt-free, Diphen, Neosporin Neo To Go, Neosporin Wound Cleanser, Revitaderm Wound Care
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action Although not entirely elucidated, the bactericidal action of benzalkonium chloride is believed to be due to the disruption of intermolecular interactions. Such disruption can cause the dissociation of cellular membrane lipid bilayers of bacteria, resulting in compromised cellular permeability control and the leakage of important cellular contents. Additionally, other important molecular complexes like enzymes which control the maintenance of a great range of respiratory and metabolic cellular activities, are also susceptible to such deactivation. Consequently, a variety of critical intermolecular interactions and tertiary structures in very highly specific biochemical systems that allow bacterial agents to function normally can be readily disrupted or deactivated by cationic surfactants like benzalkonium chloride.
Description of the Drug: Benzalkonium is an antiseptic agent used as a preservative in medications or as a disinfectant in cleaning products.
Protein Data Bank: Not Available
Source: DrugBank Online – Retrieved 2023-01-23 from