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Scientific Name: Azacitidine
Brand Name: Onureg, Vidaza
Company Owner: Celgene corp
Mechanism Of Action Azacitidine (5-azacytidine) is a chemical analogue of the cytosine nucleoside used in DNA and RNA. Azacitidine may induce antineoplastic activity by inhibition of DNA methyltransferase at low doses and cytotoxicity through incorporation into RNA and DNA at high doses. Covalent binding to DNA methyltransferase results in hypomethylation of DNA and prevents DNA synthesis. As azacitidine is a ribonucleoside, it incoporates into RNA to a larger extent than into DNA. The incorporation into RNA leads to the dissembly of polyribosomes, defective methylation and acceptor function of transfer RNA, and inhibition of the production of protein, resulting in cell death.
Description of the Drug: Azacitidine is a pyrimidine nucleoside analogue used to treat certain subtypes of myelodysplastic syndrome.
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