Scientific Name: Avibactam
Brand Name: Avycaz, Zavicefta
Company Owner: Not Available
Mechanism Of Action Avibactam is a non-β lactam β-lactamase inhibitor that inactivates some β-lactamases (Ambler class A β-lactamases, including Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemases, Ambler class C and some Ambler class D β-lactamases) by a unique covalent and reversible mechanism, and protects ceftazidime from degradation by certain β-lactamases. Avibactam rapidly reaches the periplasm of bacteria at high enough concentrations to restore activity of ceftazidime against ceftazidime-resistant, β-lactamase-producing strains. Avibactam does not decrease the activity of ceftazidime against ceftazidime­ susceptible organisms.
Description of the Drug: Avibactam is a non-β-lactam β-lactamase inhibitor used in combination with ceftazidime for the treatment of complicated intra-abdominal infections, complicated urinary tract infections, and hospital or ventilator-acquired pneumonia.
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