Aminocaproic acid

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Scientific Name: Aminocaproic acid
Brand Name: Amicar
Company Owner: Xanodyne pharmaceutics inc, Abraxis pharmaceutical products, Baxter healthcare corp anesthesia and critical care, Hospira inc, Luitpold pharmaceuticals inc, Mikart inc
Mechanism Of Action Aminocaproic acid binds reversibly to the kringle domain of plasminogen and blocks the binding of plasminogen to fibrin and its activation to plasmin. With NO activation of plasmin, there is a reduction in fibrinolysis. This consequently will reduce the amount of bleeding post surgery. Elevated plasma levels of lipoprotein(a) have been shown to increase the risk of vascular disease. Lipoprotein 9a) a has two components, apolipoprotein B-100, linked to apolipoprotein (a) . Aminocaproic acid may change the conformation of apoliprotein (a) , changing its binding properties and potentially preventing the formation of lipoprotein (a) .
Description of the Drug: Aminocaproic acid is an antifibrinolytic agent used to induce clotting postoperatively.
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