The Ophthalmology CRO Built for Sponsors, Created By Experts

Tech-enabled CRO built to eliminate clinical trial pain points for faster execution and higher-quality trials.

Our Ophthalmology CRO Executive Team

Our Ophthalmology CRO team has over 150 years experience at leading CROs across modalities

Our experienced CRO executive team works closely with our expert site operations team to continuously review execution strategies, closely monitor patient recruitment efforts, and mitigate key study risks for Ophthalmology clinical trials.

Jen Watts



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Scientific Advisory Board

Vial CRO is supported by a team of Scientific Advisors who review and provide input on the strategy and direction of the CRO in order to build the infrastructure to advance Ophthalmology research.

More than 10 years as a Vitreo-Retinal Physician and Surgeon, as well as Director of Clinical Research at his practice, Sierra Eye Associates
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Director of Retina Services at the Pepose Vision Institute
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Director of the Vitreoretinal Service and Director of Retina Research at OCB
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Chaney Family Endowed Chair of Ophthalmic Research and a Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cleveland Clinic
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Powered By Our Connected Technology Platform

Vial CRO delivers faster, more efficient trials
by empowering phenomenal clinical operators
with powerful technology

Vial’s modern technology brings clinical trials out of the paper stone age, allowing for streamlined processes inside one connected system. Other CROs use too many system applications and antiquated clinical practices that limit clinical trial efficiency.

No-Nonsense Pricing

Vial offers sponsors fixed-pricing
agreements with no change orders — ever.

Flat-rate pricing

Zero change orders

on commitments

on commitments

A fixed-fee pricing model guarantees a set budget for the entirety of a project, regardless of the time and expense that accrues. Vial reserves the right to modify pricing in accordance with amendments to the study design or protocol.

Vial offers fixed upfront pricing to benefit sponsors:

  • Align Incentives
  • Transparent budget visibility
  • No unexpected charges/fees
  • Shared accountability on commitments
  • Build trust and deepen the relationship
  • Experienced team committed to timelines
  • Next-generation technology to streamline workflows and process
  • A renowned scientific advisory board providing expert insight
  • Deep industry relationships and site networks provide an insider view on trial pain points, allowing us to target and prepare to prevent common errors or delays

Tech-Enabled Recruiting Platform

Accelerate Patient Recruiting
Using Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies
and Powerful Technology

We use the most effective digital tools to reach, screen, and enroll motivated subjects quicker. Our optimized process can cut recruitment times in half.

EMR Integrations

HIPAA compliant automated data pulls and Inclusion/Exclusion reviews.

Fast Start-up and Consolidated Site Activation

Vial onboarded 90% of our sites
in less than 30 days

Between our robust technology platform and our team of expert operators, we cut onboarding times in half at nearly every site.

Upcoming Events

Chicago_3 Vial will be at Eyecelator 2022
Vial is proud to be attending Eyecelerator @ AAO 2022.
Chicago_3 Vial will be at the AAO 2022 Annual Meeting
Vial is proud to be exhibiting at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conference 2022 this year. Come meet us at booth #1656.
Vial will be at ACG 2022
Vial is proud to be exhibiting at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Conference 2022 this year. Come meet us at booth #1438.

Past Events

Vial will be at the ASRS 2022 Annual Meeting
Vial is proud to be a bronze corporate sponsor of the 2022 American Society of Retina Specialists Annual Meeting.
Vial will be at the OIS Retina Innovation Summit 2022
We are looking forward to connecting with you at the 2022 Ophthalmology Innovation Summit!
Vial will be at Clinical Trials at the Summit
Vial is proud to be a Silver Sponsor at Clinical Trials at the Summit 2022.
White Paper

Tech-Enabled Remote Monitoring Part 1

Download our white paper to learn more about each stakeholder’s benefits of tech-enabled trials.

White Paper

Tech-Enabled Remote Monitoring Part 2

Download our white paper to learn more about each stakeholder’s benefits of tech-enabled trials.

White Paper

Vial’s Deployment of Modern, Intuitive Electronic Source

Download our latest white paper to learn how utilizing eSource in clinical trials can streamline process, increase efficiency, and minimize errors.

Press Releases

Arshad M. Khanani M.D., M.A. Joins Vial as an Advisor

Press Releases

Vial announces it will be launching a Next-Gen Ophthalmology CRO ahead of ARVO 2022

Press Releases

Vial launches Ophthalmology Site Network with Dr. Raj Maturi as the first PI in the network


Why the Vial Ophthalmology CRO?

Streamlined trial startup, more predictable patient recruitment, and higher quality data.

Vial understands the nuances in running Ophthalmology clinical trials and have built a team of in-house Ophthalmologists with decades of combined experience across anterior and posterior segments.

Our advisors’ experience in every Ophthalmology clinical trial indication, combined with a network of top-tier ophthalmologists, allow for a fully integrated Ophthalmology CRO that offers faster trial startup, superior patient recruitment, and better quality data.

The Vial Ophthalmology CRO doesn’t just stop at first rate advisors and sites, Vial has incorporated technology throughout every step of the study process. Most notably VialConnect, a CTMS designed specifically for ophthalmology clinics and staff.


Broad experience across Opthalmology Indications and Phases



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