Vial launches Dermatology CRO promising Faster Execution and Higher Quality through its Network of Dermatology Clinics

vial cro team
vial cro team

San Francisco, CA January. 12, 2022 — Vial announces today that it has launched
the Vial Dermatology CRO. Under the tag line, “The CRO Built for Sponsors”, the Vial
Dermatology CRO promises higher quality and faster execution of trials powered by the Vial
Clinic Network of over 35 Dermatology clinics across the country.

The Vial Dermatology CRO team is led by Betsey Zbyszynski as Head of Clinical Operations,
Jason Shuris as Head of Sales, Janet DuBois, M.D. as Medical Director, and Justin Withers as Head
of Dermatology. The CRO executive team joins Vial
with over 100+ years of combined dermatology clinical trial experience.

The Vial Dermatology CRO leverages the Vial Clinic Network to provide Sponsors with faster,
higher-quality trial outcomes. Vial’s network of clinics ensures quality data by directly
employing clinical research coordinators and rigorously vetting PIs. Vial’s CRCs are supported
by industry-leading training and development programs, a central Quality Assurance team to
review and support clinics quality and compliance, and a talent development team focused on
CRC career development through leveraging the scale of the network.
“CRC retention, development, and engagement is a primary focus
of the Vial Clinic Network leadership team”, says Justin Withers, Head of Dermatology.

Timelines are accelerated by superior patient recruitment performance across the network. With
a team experienced in leading marketing for $10B+ consumer companies spearheading the effort,
Vial has developed an unparalleled patient recruitment engine. The patient recruitment team,
along with our pre-screening call center, engages qualified subjects to ensure studies
meet/exceed enrollment targets and expectations.

“Vial has the technical capabilities, decades of expertise, and high-quality investigator network
to be the best Dermatology CRO out there”, says Justin Withers, Head of Dermatology. “There
really has never been an effort quite like this – to bring together top investigators under one roof –
on the same operational and technical platform.”

“Our goal is to deliver the best CRO experience possible. With a truly unique offering around
faster speed and higher quality – we want to be the first CRO that Sponsors view as a true partner.
It is so important for the success of a trial that the CRO and Sponsor are aligned. At Vial, we are
set up to meet Sponsor expectations and build long term relationships.” – Betsey Zbyszynski,
Head of Clinical Operations at Vial. Betsey joins Vial from Synteract (a division of Syneos),
where she spent two years as Executive Director, Dermatology overseeing the Dermatology
division and providing strategic oversight to Sponsors. Betsey was previously the Director of
Outsourcing at Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Director of Client Services at Symbio, and VP of
DermNet Operations the CRO division of DermTech International.

“It is incredibly exciting for me and for the rest of our first class team to be launching a CRO that
can truly make a difference in clinical research. The basic premise of our offering is to deliver
faster results with the highest degree of quality, which provides significant value for our clients
and helps them maximize returns on precious capital. In addition to extending the potential
commercial value of their R&D stage assets, the greatest thrill is to be able to get approved
products to patients faster than ever before! ” – Jason Shuris, Vial’s Head of Sales. Jason spent
three years as VP of Business Development at Innovaderm Research; was Senior Director,
Business Development at TFS; and Senior Director / Team Leader, Business Development at
Ora. He brings with him 10 years of direct CRO experience in addition to 10 years in the life
sciences and healthcare sectors.

“I’ve worked in Dermatology clinical trials for over 20 years and haven’t ever encountered a
company quite like Vial. I am honored to serve as medical director and bring the promise of
higher quality and faster trials to Sponsors. The slow pace of therapeutic development is calling
out for a CRO that is aligned with Sponsors, and we hope with the launch today we are
witnessing the first day of a new kind of CRO”, says Dr. Janet DuBois, Vial’s Medical Director.
Dr. DuBois has been Principal Investigator on over 200 trials across Phase I, II and III at
DermResearch in Austin.

About Vial:
Vial’s mission is to run clinical trials with faster execution and higher quality in order to bring
new therapies to market. Vial has over 70 employees and is based in San Francisco, California.
Vial partners with Dermatologists to support their research teams and has created a network of
over 35 Dermatology clinics. The Vial network has contributed to over 150 trials for many of the
leading Sponsors in Dermatology having run trials across common Medical Dermatology
indications (Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Alopecia Areata, Rosacea, Hidradenitis
Suppurativa, Prurigo Nodularis among others) as well as Cosmetic Dermatology indications. The
clinic network runs trials from Phase I through Phase IV.

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