Vial vs. Top 4 Small CROs

To bring new therapies to market, biopharma companies engage CROs for their expertise in navigating the complex landscape of drug development and regulatory pathways[1]. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed weaknesses in the clinical trial system and the industry, bringing attention to the need for more modern approaches to running clinical trials. To minimize the reduction in clinical research progress, sponsors and the U.S. FDA implemented new guidelines that allowed clinical trials to continue despite the pandemic e.g. electronic consent and tech-enabled participant engagement[3]. Though some scientists were weary of digitizing their clinical trials, the overall benefits outweighed the concern for data quality.

Prior to COVID-19, the Vial CRO recognized that there was a severe unmet need within the clinical research industry. Vial’s vision is to enable biotechs to cure all human disease through intuitive technology that streamlines processes and delivers faster, more efficient trials at a fair and affordable cost to sponsors. To remain competitive and offer clients a full range of value-added solutions, Vial invests heavily in tech products and keeps up to date on the latest technologies, techniques, and tools in clinical research. We stand boldly by our promise to deliver for our partners, so we’ve analyzed our services against the top four small CROs in the industry. See how we compare!

What Are CROs?

CROs are contract research organizations, also known as clinical research organizations. CRO services include helping biotech, Pharmaceutical, and medical device companies manage clinical trials. CROs take on the core responsibilities of executing clinical trials, interacting and managing a clinical research site, and providing support and technology to successfully produce trial results. CROs play a monumental role in running successful clinical trials for heart failure and other indications in cardiology.

Vial vs. Medpace

Medpace is a mid-size, full-service global CRO engaged in scientifically-driven outsourced clinical development services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

What sets Vial apart from Medpace

  • Low costs: Contracts with Medpace customers are subject to change orders. At Vial, a fixed-fee pricing model applies to all contracts. Our goal is to help sponsors stay on budget and avoid costly change orders.
  • Digital Onboarding App: Vial doesn’t waste time sending emails, PDFs, and Excel sheets back and forth. We offer a streamlined 30-day site activation capability through our digital onboarding app. Our site activation technology allows trials to get started all online, lightning fast. Medpace, however, does not explicitly state a 30-day site activation offering.
  • Intuitive tech offering: Medpace has ClinTrak, a proprietary information management system for clinical trials that facilitates team coordination and provides decision support for sponsors and sites. Medpace partners with academic and clinical institutions to provide image reading in a secure environment. In response to sponsor needs, Vial developed its own proprietary technology platform, an intuitive platform that integrates trial onboarding, patient enrollment, site communication, and data collection processes into one connected system for efficiency.
  • Patient recruitment engine: The Medpace patient recruitment and retention department offer strategic solutions by identifying patient motivators and potential barriers to joining and remaining in a study. However, the Vial patient recruitment engine is powered by our Preferred Site Network and multi-channel marketing tactics that allow us access to a large and diverse set of interested participants. Furthermore, Vial’s trials are designed to be patient-centric, powered by easy-to-use technology to ensure the ultimate patient experience, solidifying retention.

Vial vs. Precision for Medicine

Precision for Medicine is a global precision medicine CRO that integrates clinical trial execution with scientific knowledge, laboratory expertise, and advanced data sciences.

What sets Vial apart from Precision for Medicine

  • Lightning-fast site activation: Vial has a streamlined 30-day site activation capability. 90% of Vial trials start in under 30 days. Precision for Medicine does not explicitly state a 30-day site activation offering.
  • Risk-share pricing: Vial takes on part of the risk-share with our sponsors by offering a fixed-fee pricing model for all contracts. Precision for Medicine service contracts are subject to change orders.
  • Proprietary tech offerings: Precision for Medicine leverages proprietary systems and a selection of technology partners to support studies across their entire lifecycle. In contrast, Vial developed a technology platform that combines Vial eSource, Vial Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and Vial electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO), a consumer-grade, mobile patient experience that is compliant and customizable for patients in a trial, into one seamlessly connected system that ensures trials are run with the utmost efficiency.
  • Patient recruitment playbook: Precision for Medicine has multiple tech partners for patient identification and recruitment. However, Vial recruits faster than many CROs like Precision for Medicine due to a powerful and tactical patient recruitment playbook that utilizes integrated technology that identifies interested patients and multi-channel marketing tactics for recruiting.
  • Therapeutic areas: Precision for Medicine therapeutic areas include oncology & immuno-oncology, rare & orphan disease, cell & gene therapy, neurology, COVID-19, autoimmune & allergy, pediatrics, and companion diagnostics. The Vial Oncology CRO, Dermatology CRO, Ophthalmology CRO, Gastroenterology CRO, Neurology CRO, and Cardiology CRO were built for sponsors’ unique trial needs across indications in each therapeutic area. Vial CROs are supported by a team of expert ClinOps and scientific advisors who review and provide input on the strategy and direction in order to build the infrastructure to advance research.

H2: Vial vs. Medelis

Medelis is a specialty full-service oncology CRO focused on Phase I – IV oncology trials with a presence in North America and Europe. Founded in 2003, Medelis manages complex oncology trials in all indications.

What sets Vial apart from Medelis

  • 30-Day site activation: Vial has a streamlined site activation capability evidenced by having 90% of trials starting in under 30 days. Medelis, does not explicitly state a 30-day site activation offering.
  • Modern Patient recruitment tactics: Medelis offers internet-based marketing and public relations programs for patient recruitment. Vial also offers those recruitment services. In addition to multi-channel marketing strategies, Vial leverages a Preferred Site Network to identify interested and diverse patients to accelerate patient recruitment and ain with retention.
  • Proprietary tech offerings: Medelis appears to use the latest technologies for EDC, management, and communications. However, it is not explicitly stated that they have proprietary tech. Vial has built one seamlessly connected system that ensures trial management, recruitment, data capture, and communications are intuitive for sites, patients, and sponsors. Vial’s technology platform is driving clinical trials into modern practices — radically streamlining trial workflows.
  • Therapeutic areas: Medelis is a specialty oncology CRO that also provides dental, nephrology, and medical device and diagnostics CRO services. Vial offers CRO services in six therapeutic areas: Oncology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Neurology. Our CRO services are tech-enabled and supported by a team of scientific advisors, and are offered across various indications.

Vial vs. Worldwide Clinical Trials

Founded by physicians dedicated to advancing medical science, Worldwide Clinical Trials is a midsize, global CRO that strategically balances science, medicine, operations, and commercial intelligence in providing clinical research solutions.

What sets Vial apart from Worldwide Clinical Trials

  • Site activation: Vial has a streamlined 30-day site activation capability, evidenced by having 90% of trials starting in under 30 days. Worldwide Clinical Trials, however, does not explicitly state a 30-day site activation offering.
  • Fixed fee pricing structure: Worldwide Clinical Trials service contracts are subject to change orders. At Vial, a fixed-fee pricing model applies to all contracts and helps sponsors stay on budget by avoiding costly unanticipated change orders.
  • Connected Technology: Worldwide Clinical Trials has multiple tech provider partners, leaving their tech offerings scattered. In contrast, Vial developed one connected technology platform with a user-centric UX/UI design that breeds compliance on-entry. Vial’s eSource interface is powered by standardized data types, data validation and range rules on-entry, required fields, skip-logic, and tooltips, and it directly integrates with Vial’s electronic data capture (EDC). Vial’s ePRO is also seamlessly connected for an easy-to-use mobile patient experience.
  • Patient recruitment playbook: Worldwide Clinical Trials drives recruitment through a global network of experienced study coordinators. In addition to an extensive preferred site network, Vial leverages our integrated technology system and multi-channel marketing tactics to accelerate patient recruitment.
  • Therapeutic areas: Worldwide Clinical Trials therapeutic areas include cardiovascular, metabolic, neuroscience, oncology, and rare diseases. Vial is a full-service, global CRO that offers clinical trial management services in six therapeutic areas: Oncology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, and Neurology. All Vial CRO services are powered by our Vial Technology Platform and supported by expert ClinOps leaders, and a team of renowned scientific advisors. Vial offers services across various indications in each of the therapeutic areas we support.

The Vial CRO

Vial is building towards a more efficient future for clinical trials. By deploying technology in every step of a trial, we are driving efficiencies in speed and cost that we pass on to innovative biotech startups. Connect with our team to dive deeper into what sets the Vial CRO apart from the rest.

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