Top 8 Biotech Podcasts to Follow in 2023

There are endless ways to stay informed on the latest trends in your industry. One unique format that’s taken off is the podcast. From business to pop culture, podcasts allow you to expand your knowledge on a range of topics – including biotech.

The industry of biotechnology is vast and ever-changing, so it’s imperative to keep up. Dozens of podcasts cover new breakthroughs, technological developments, exciting start-ups, and essential regulations. Here are 8 of the best biotech podcasts to follow in 2023.

Basics of Biotechnology

So – what is biotechnology? At its broadest, biotech combines the natural sciences with engineering, leading to the development of new products and technologies. Many people will associate it with medicine and healthcare, but it also has applications in agriculture, environmental studies, and biochemical manufacturing.

Specifically, biotech makes use of living organisms, such as cells, and modifies them for human-centric purposes. This can be anything from genetic engineering to fermentation. Yes, even something as mundane as beer brewing counts as biotechnology.

These days, the biotech industry is fast evolving, with new technologies and scientific breakthroughs happening left and right. Scientists and researchers must keep abreast of these developments – and podcasts are an excellent source of information.

Biotech Podcasts for 2023

There are dozens of different facets to biotech, from business and administration to laboratory automations. These 10 biotech podcasts give insights into various aspects and cover the full range of topics from the best of the industry.

1. Biotech2050 Podcast

Technologies and innovations have the power to disrupt and transform entire industries in the blink of an eye. Nothing is static; everything from the way we travel to the way we speak changes through time. The biotech and pharmaceutical industries are no exception.

Biotech2050 is a podcast dedicated to discussing these innovations and the way they will shape biotech over the next half-century. On the show, they explore these advancements and interview the pioneers at the forefront of the biotech revolution.

Listen to Biotech2050 once a week on their website.

2. The Bio Report

No industry stands isolated – much like in nature itself, everything from business to biotech overlaps. On The Bio Report, award-winning journalist Daniel Levine covers the intersection of biotech, business, science, and policy.

Levine is fearless, diving into unique and fascinating topics such as treating psychiatric conditions with tripless psychedelics or the impact of artificial intelligence on biopharma. He engages his guests, bringing out interesting insights into the weird and wonderful aspects of biotech.

The Bio Report airs weekly on their website.

3. The Business of Biotech

The big scientific and engineering innovations tend to take the limelight, but the business and administration component forms part of the foundation of biotechnology. The Business of Biotech delivers insights into the funding, manufacturing, and legislative sides of the industry – all in an hour or less.

The podcast hosts different biotech executives, start-up founders, and clinical researchers. There, they discuss everything from industry challenges, to best practices and common regulatory hurdles. Listen as this show tackles all sorts of administrative considerations for the benefit of the leaders of emerging biopharma firms.

Get your weekly episode of The Business of Biotech on the Bioprocess Online website.

4. I am BIO

This podcast comes from the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, an advocacy association that represents different state biotechnology groups, academic institutions, and other related organizations. BIO works to reinforce and enrich the biotech industry through various educational initiatives.

One of those initiatives is I am BIO, their podcast. BIO describes it as a collection of “powerful stories of biotech breakthroughs” alongside discussions about the people these breakthroughs help, and the global problems they solve.

I am BIO releases 2 episodes a month on their site.

5. Hopkins Biotech Podcast

Gain a unique insight into the world of biotech from a different perspective – the professional side. The Hopkins Biotech Podcast is aimed at life sciences students looking into careers outside the academe. It’s based at the John Hopkins School of Medicine – one of the premier medical institutions for learning.

On the podcast, they feature guests from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, who represent a variety of industries and workplaces. These guests discuss their own experiences in navigating their careers and provide models for student prospects to follow. The podcast also examines major topics at the forefront of the biotech industry.

The Hopkins Biotech Podcast airs once or twice a month on their website.

6. First In Human

Vial’s podcast brings in a variety of industry experts, executives, and investors to discuss unique insights into their in-human clinical trial journeys. They present all the breaking news, upcoming research, and emerging technologies in the biotech field.

First In Human tackles innovations and challenges faced by CROs like Vial, alongside breakthroughs in treating rare diseases, new strategies in clinical research, and more. Get the latest on clinical trials and drug discovery on their twice-a-week episodes.

Listen to First In Human every Tuesday and Thursday on their website.

7. Biotech IQ Podcast

Ammon Rivera’s curiosity about the experiences of biotech companies and executives led to the creation of Biotech IQ. On his show, he discusses the journey of these companies as they develop cutting-edge treatments for patients, as well as the markets and medical fields they serve.

Rivera is a professional recruiter for biotech companies, which has led to his knowledge of drug development and clinical trials. Now, he uses that knowledge to give a platform to the stories of the people behind the science.

Play Biotech IQ once a week on their website.

8. World of Promise

Each episode of World of Promise explores the field of medical biotechnology and the way it impacts the lives of people who have rare and serious diseases. The hosts interview everyone from doctors and scientists to the patients themselves and the people around them, including family members and other experts

The format of World of Promise lets the hosts highlight both the science itself and the impact it has on real, living persons. This gives a more human touch to a complex, technical field. The podcast also offers advice for patients and their families or caregivers.

World of Promise airs 1 episode per quarter on their website.

Keep Up With Biotech

Podcasts offer a fun and unique format for exploring and understanding diverse perspectives on the biotechnology industry. By listening to different professionals and patients discuss their experiences in the field, everyone and anyone can gain insights into the ever-evolving world of biotech.

Vial not only hosts First In Human, but as a CRO, we are at the forefront of reimagining clinical trials and medical research. Here at Vial, our industry-leading ClinOps team and engineers aim to empower scientists in their search for disease treatments.

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