Top 5 Phase I Dermatology Clinical Trial Sites

Top 5 dermatology clinical trial sites
Top 5 dermatology clinical trial sites

When sponsors aim to bring even one medication to market, there are millions of dollars at stake and very little room for error once clinical testing begins [1]. Human clinical trials often start with Phase I studies, the results of which are essential for determining whether a drug is safe enough to be investigated further. The success of Phase I trials ultimately hinges on the quality of the selected research sites because this stage requires especially rigorous patient safety monitoring. To avoid common mistakes when running a clinical trial, dermatology sponsors must choose sites which have the right experience and facilities to ensure their trial’s success [2]. Read on to learn more about the top five highly qualified research sites in the US that are equipped to help your early-stage skin studies run smoothly from the start.

1 | DermResearch (Austin, Texas)

The first dermatology clinical trial site is DermResearch. For 25 years, DermResearch has been a leading dermatology research center with over 60 Phase I skin studies completed to date. Led by investigators Janet DuBois, M.D. and David Bushore, M.D., this site offers sponsors a full-service certified clinical team with up to 25 years of research experience. Their clinical trial portfolio spans over 42 dermatology indications, including acne and rosacea, as well as more than 10,000 randomized patients cared for within their state-of-the-art facilities. DermResearch has a proven record for delivering quick enrollment, quality data, and first-class patient care across 500+ dermatology and healthy Phase I-IV clinical trials [3].

2 | Altasciences (US & Canada)

Altasciences is the 2nd dermatology clinical trial site, and they offer biopharma sponsors not only their adaptive Phase I clinical units and large patient databases, but also comprehensive preclinical testing facilities for assessing small and large-molecule drugs. Their three clinical sites located in Los Angeles (CA), Kansas City (KS), and Montreal (Canada) are equipped with dedicated USP 797 pharmacies and can accommodate single- or multi-site clinical studies. Each site is staffed with nearly 200 clinical research professionals, and their units can comfortably monitor more than 100 patients at a time. Altasciences has conducted over 200 dermatology trials and is well-versed in leading sponsors through early-phase drug research [4,5].

3 | DermDox Dermatology Centers (Sugarloaf, PA)

DermDox Dermatology Centers is our third dermatology clinical trial site, which is headed by Stephen Schleicher, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist who has overseen the running of over two dozen skin studies as principal investigator. This site is fully staffed with a well-rounded team of clinical researchers who have supported various biopharma sponsors, including AbbVie, Galderma, Eli Lilly, and more, in Phase I-IV clinical trials for nearly 20 years. With a specialization in medical dermatology, Dr. Schleicher’s team at DermDox offers sponsors decades of their experience with patient recruitment plans, study administration, and protocol management to deliver successful Phase I studies [6,7].

4 | Advanced Pharma (Miami, FL)

The fourth dermatology clinical trial site is Advanced Pharma. As a dedicated Phase I clinical trial site, Advanced Pharma has been dedicated to participating in clinical trials with their specialty physician investigators, including board-certified dermatologists, since 1992. This site’s extensive Phase I research portfolio includes First-In-Human trials, dose escalation studies, healthy and special population investigations, and more. Advanced Pharma has previously worked with over 100 different sponsors to date and ensure strict adherence to protocol compliance and ICH GCP guidelines to deliver quality data every time. With more than 50 years of combined experience and a track record of strong recruitment, Advanced Pharma is well-equipped to manage your team’s Phase I clinical skin studies [8].

5 | Cahaba Dermatology (Birmingham, AL)

Lastly, our fifth dermatology clinical trial site is Cahaba Dermatology. Cahaba Dermatology was founded by Vlada Groysman, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist who is also affiliated with the American Board of Dermatology and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Led by her extensive experience in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Groysman’s clinical research team at Cahaba can support the running of Phase I skin studies using their large database of both healthy and specialty patient populations. This site is currently supporting numerous clinical trials for adult and pediatric atopic dermatitis, pediatric plaque psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, chronic spontaneous urticaria (hives), and more. Their convenient location and fully equipped facilities support a strong recruitment history. Cahaba offers dermatology sponsors flexibility, data quality, and comprehensive patient care to guarantee only the highest standards of conduct for their Phase I clinical trials and beyond [9].

Vial’s Preferred Site Network

Vial is a next-generation Contract Research Organization (CRO) powered by technology. Our vision is to empower scientists to cure all human disease. We deliver on this vision by providing faster, more efficient trials at an affordable rate. Vial’s Dermatology CRO offers full-service global CRO solutions for Dermatology Phase I-IV clinical trials. We also have an extensive Preferred Site Network to help connect sponsors with the best sites and investigators.

To discover more highly sought-after investigators and clinical sites to ensure your dermatology clinical trial’s success, visit and contact a Vial CRO representative today.


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