Top 5 Contract Research Organizations in Canada

Top CROs in Canada
Top CROs in Canada

The clinical research industry in Canada has been steadily growing into a healthy sector in recent decades. More hospitals and private medical clinics have been improving their capacity for clinical trials and creating a valuable source of experienced sites for sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) to work with. In addition to greater research support from the government, Canada’s strong appeal as a center for clinical research stems from its universal healthcare system, the rich ethnic diversity of its population, and world-renowned medical facilities like the University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Hospital.

As Canada has grown its clinical trial footprint, more CROs have been offering their research services to sponsors and sites across the nation. Below we will explain what a CRO is and list five leading CROs located in Canada.

What is a CRO?

A CRO or contract research organization is a company that assists biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers with research services on a contract basis. CROs provide expertise in running clinical trials, streamlining trial processes, and increasing the speed at which new medications, devices, and technology are brought to market. CROs also must adhere to regulations governing clinical research and regulatory authorities such as the FDA.

Read on to learn the top five CROs currently operating out of Canada.

CRO #1: Innovaderm | Montreal (QC)

Innovaderm is a full-service CRO that specializes in delivering new therapies for patients with skin conditions. The CRO’s headquarters are located in Quebec. This Canadian company began as a dermatology clinical research site over 20 years ago and has since established a successful track record of single- and multicenter clinical trials in atopic dermatitispsoriasis, and acne. With a portfolio of over 500 clinical trials run worldwide in more than 30 indications, Innovaderm leverages its in-depth knowledge of clinical dermatology to help sponsors optimize their management processes when conducting phase I-IV clinical trials with Canadian sites.

CRO #2: IQVIA | Toronto (ON), Montreal (QC), Halifax (NS)

IQVIA is one of the largest CROs globally, with offices in three major eastern cities in Canada. The CRO’s commitment to accelerating innovation for improving public health and patient care integrates data science, technology, and a network of over 82,000 industry experts spanning over 100 countries. The CRO’s therapeutic indications profile is extensive, covering cardiovascular, oncology, infectious diseases, vaccines, and much more. IQVIA has established a diverse collection of digital tools to aid sites and sponsors with clinical trial management, patient engagement, and clinical data analytics. IQVIA offers modern solutions in research and development, commercialization, and real-world data transformation for sponsors conducting clinical studies across Canada.

CRO #3: dicentra | Toronto (ON)

Since its inception in 2002, this CRO and professional consulting firm have provided services to over 1,200 clients worldwide across fewer than 18,000 completed projects. dicentra’s North American offices are in Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis. The CRO’s portfolio of clinical trial therapeutic areas spans nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, to name a few. In addition to the CRO’s clinical trials services, dicentra also has the capabilities to support sponsors with pharmacovigilance, regulatory submissions, on-site oversight, and more. dicentra simplifies the clinical trial management process for studies. The CRO also provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of resources to assist with phase I-IV trials across Canada, the US, and the European Union (EU).

CRO #4: ICON | Burlington (ON), Montreal (QC)

Initially founded in 1990, ICON has since become a well-recognized CRO that provides a variety of clinical research consulting, outsourcing, and commercialization services. ICON offers its resources to governments and public health organizations for smooth conduct of clinical trials for drugs, medical devices, and biotechnology across Canada. This CRO has a diverse indication portfolio, including cell and gene therapies, oncology, transplant immunology, and rare or orphan diseases. ICON has also created numerous technology platforms to assist trial activities for clinical research stakeholders. These platforms include their Flex Advantage IRT system, ICOMaster eTMF, and ICONIK informatics platform. The CRO’s mission prioritizes quality and is committed to delivering better medications to patients in Canada and beyond.

CRO #5: Syreon | Vancouver (BC)

For over 25 years, Syreon’s expert researchers and clinical investigators have driven it to be a leader in innovating cutting-edge advances in drugs, diagnostics, and medical devices. This international CRO’s North American headquarters are situated in Vancouver, the largest city on Canada’s west coast. The CRO’s key medical indications include ophthalmologyneurologyrheumatology, and more. Syreon also offers clients the ClinStream Cloud platform, a user-friendly, scalable system for streamlined data management that combines eSource, eLab, and ePRO input in real-time. From study design and operation to data analysis and reporting, Syreon offers a full-service portfolio for all phases of clinical research conducted by sponsors across Canada and the world.

The Vial CRO

The number of CROs operating out of prominent locations in Canada increases every year, and with it, the country’s diverse clinical research industry. These top five companies offer comprehensive clinical research services and digital solutions across a variety of different medical indications to support patient care at sites in Canada and around the world.

Lastly, Vial is a global, full-service CRO headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Vial provides faster, more efficient clinical trial results at dramatically lower costs. The Vial CRO is committed to developing modern digital tools for streamlining today’s clinical trial experience for biotech sponsors. Vial’s footprint in Canada is rapidly expanding, and is a leading small CRO to watch.

To learn more about how Vial’s products are delivering faster, more efficient trial outcomes for dramatically lower costs, connect with a team member today!

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