Five Specialized CROs Built for Oncology Clinical Trial Sponsors

Oncology scientist sits in laboratory while conducting an oncology clinical trial
Oncology scientist sits in laboratory while conducting an oncology clinical trial

In 2021, the contract research organization (CRO) market size in the United States was US$53.9 billion, and its value is estimated to surpass US$83.5 billion by 2028. CROs are specialized companies that support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical device organizations in their clinical trials. Although many CROs will manage studies across various diseases, some choose to develop niche products in specific indications, like oncology. With the increasing need for anticancer drugs in the US, which can cost over US$600 million before reaching approval, sponsors must take steps to maximize their clinical research outcomes. This need has significantly driven the outsourcing of cancer trial oversight to well-equipped CROs.

What Should Cancer Clinical Trial Sponsors Expect from an Oncology CRO?

Today’s booming oncology market presents sponsors with the challenge of choosing the right CRO. The nature of the disease makes managing cancer clinical trials an especially daunting task. To ensure success, sponsors must look for the following in oncology CRO services: access to digital data management technologies, leadership by medical experts in cancer research, development of multi-pronged recruitment strategies, reasonable project pricing, and an established network of experienced clinical investigators. Here are five specialized cancer CROs in the US to help you manage your oncology clinical trial effectively and efficiently.

CRO #1: Theradex (Princeton, New Jersey)

Theradex is a full-service oncology clinical trial CRO that has over 30 years of experience assisting sponsors with early and later-phase cancer trials. Their senior leadership is experienced in the field of cancer biology and is affiliated with the US National Cancer Institute, with whom they have an ongoing Clinical Trials Monitoring Service contract. In addition to clinical monitoring and project management services, this CRO provides a range of digital tools such as Monitor Express, the Theradex IWRS, and the Theradex CTMS. Theradex remains committed to evolving advancements in cancer treatment and driving innovation for cancer patients.

CRO #2: Medelis (Nashville, Tennessee)

Medelis is also a specialty oncology clinical research company that has been managing phase I, phase II, and phase III cancer studies in North America and Europe. On average, their clinical team has handled most targets in oncology, being composed of medical monitors who were previously investigators, clinical research associates (CRAs) who were previously oncology-trained nurses and clinical research coordinators (CRCs). Medelis optimizes speed and patient recruitment using their existing investigator relationships to identify the most qualified sites while offering detailed study management and consulting services.

CRO #3: Vial Health Technology (San Francisco, California)

Vial is a next-generation CRO that has raised over $100 million+ in total venture funding to support their mission of delivering efficient clinical trials powered by today’s digital technology. Sponsors can benefit from their affordable fixed-fee pricing models, as well as their variety of CRO services in oncology, dermatology, cardiology, and more. Vial’s Oncology CRO team is headed by medical experts with extensive experience running cancer clinical trials.

To upgrade study management from the bygone era of paper-based reporting, Vial has developed intuitive platforms, such as the Vial eSource, EDC, and ePRO, to enable intelligent data capture and centralized monitoring. With the Vial Preferred Site Network, sponsors can also take advantage of the company’s deep relationships with in-demand oncology clinical sites to bring therapies to market faster. Most importantly, this future-proof CRO emphasizes the importance of patient recruitment by offering a multi-pronged patient enrollment playbook.

CRO #4: Ergomed (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Ergomed offers CRO services across 100+ countries in oncology, neurology, and rare disease trials. Approximately 40% of their clinical trials portfolio is composed of hematology and oncology studies, with a focus on earlier phase research. Given the complex nature of cancer trials, Ergomed’s clinical team members each have over 15 years of industry experience to offer their clients. Not only have they established a comprehensive site management model to streamline site start-up, but this oncology CRO also provides patient recruitment and retention resources to site physicians through Ergomed CARE.

CRO #5: Cmed (Morrisville, North Carolina)

Cmed is a technology-driven CRO committed to delivering specialized expertise in oncology, cell and gene therapy, and rare diseases. To support their mission of being a proactive oncology CRO partner to sponsors across 700+ studies, 100% of all Cmed staff are experienced in cancer research and therapies. Their oncology CRO services include phase I, phase II, phase III, and decentralized clinical trials. Cmed also integrates their holistic technology platform, encapsia, and offers sponsors live data visibility, cloud leveraging for storage, and easy cross-talk with wearable medical devices.

For more information about the management of oncology clinical trials and the resources that Vial CRO can offer your company, contact us today!

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