NOOK stool

a VIAL® product

Designed by Patrick Frey

Robust stool or coffee table for in and outdoors.

NOOK Designpreise

Manufacturer VIAL®
Width 35 CM
Length 35 CM
Height 42 CM
Weight 5.500 GR
199,00 €
incl. 19% VAT.
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The exceptional aesthetics of the NOOK family are achieved by a combination of innovative material, timeless design and a high-quality finish. NOOK is a dynamic statement. The shape achieves a complete symbiosis of curved and rectangular elements, creating a sculptural appearance full of vivid presence. Moreover, its charm, mobility and weather resistance show what

convivial living is really all about.


The NOOK stool is all weather proof and very popular on the countryside. 





The NOOK stool was our first product and our first ambassador for our way of design. It got rewarded several times. We started VIAL tocreate innovative products with high standard for in and outdoors. All this has been given credit by the international Forum Design (iF) right away with the  Product design award 2010 and with the material award 2011.

Only a little bit later the same year the NOOK family has been nominated for the  Designpreises Deutschland 2011 by the German Design Council. So our first product that we brought to market with Patrick Frey has archived all we could ever dream of and we are very proud to have received these awards.

NOOK Designpreise


THE ProduCtion

The NOOK stool is manufactured from one single piece of material: a folding pattern is CNC machined on the flip side  of a VarioLine® sheet; the bench is then folded into its distinct shape and the construction is fixed at the bottom with only one aluminum catch, eliminating the need for adhesives or welding. The striking design of the NOOK stool is achieved by the particular properties of the material and the interaction of tension and folding. Both the bench and the VarioLine® material are manufactured in Dresden, Germany.

A NOOK bench gets milled


THE Material

The NOOK stool is made from the innovative VarioLine® material. VarioLine® is a sheet plastic material using a high-tech injection moulding process to produce a closed-cell foam core enclosed between two highly compressed, non-porous surface layers. This particular structure makes the material both stiff and flexible. VarioLine® is also weatherproof and UV-resistant and consists mainly of polypropylene which makes recycling easy. VarioLine® is a tried and tested material that has been used successfully for many years for playgrounds, in the automotive and marine industries.

die VarioLine Maschine mit NOOK
The NOOK stool in front of it's machine on the production side in Dresden