a VIAL® product

Designed by Patrick Frey

Try the FIDA on the beach, in  the park or your garden and you will never ever again want to live without it.

IF product design award 2011
Manufacturer VIAL®
MATERIAL Polyester
Width 117 CM
Length 160 CM
Weight 2.600 GR
129,00 €
incl. 19% VAT.


With Patrick Frey VIAL developed a modern and brand new concept for mobile and comfortable seating wherever you are - the FIDA mat.
The mat, made of waterproof Polyester can be carried in its own bag wherever you go. It's not only handy but liegt weight. Lay it out, and with a one easy move turn it into a comfy seat: roll on those blue skies and summertime picnics. 

FIDA is available unicoloured and in two colours:
FIDA 2 coloured

Summer, sun and laid-back times with friends – on the beach or in the park. VIAL's portable Fida folding mat is the perfect companion for relaxing moments like these. Here is how you make a good seating out of a simple mat: 
Flapp the two Corners of the head end backside and join them with a buckle. They form an upright triangle that serves as a comfortable and stable backrest - let the picnic begin!

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